Shelia's Kiddie Cottage 



Families can talk with the classroom teachers at the beginning or end of the day or by phone.   Family conferences will be conducted throughout the year to discuss children’s progress and address any questions or concerns you may have.  Samples of children’s play (e.g., block building, drawing, gross motor play); anecdotal reports from teachers and families, pictures will be used to measure children’s progress over time and shared with families during the conferences.   Families can schedule individual meetings with the staff at any time.

The teachers send home daily notes which give you information about your child’s day including, diaper changes, potty times, foods eaten, nap times, moods during the day and something fun he/she did.  Families often take advantage of the opportunity to talk to their child about the day – “I see you had fun playing with Johnny in the blocks today.  Tell me about what you built with the blocks.”

Information related to children’s diets, special feeding procedures, and preferences is requested.  Families will receive a monthly calendar that lists daily breakfast, lunch and snacks, classroom planned play activities, birthdays, parties, assessment schedules, family conferences, and other information.