Shelia's Kiddie Cottage 

                                                    Long History of Excellence 

While many  things go into helping  a child reach their goal we at Shelia’s Kiddie Cottage hold learning above all. As a 5 star rated center we have had a long history of excellence which  starts with our staff. Here at SKC all of our teachers have college Degrees in Early Childhood education. This level of education allows us to maintain the level of excellence that gives our center the distinction of being a five star rated Center.



 Our program is based on a developmentally appropriate, child-centered curriculum that includes all children.  The learning environment in the classroom is safe, stimulating and fun and helps children grow and learn through play.  Play is one of the primary methods children use to learn about themselves, others and their world.   The classroom and staff foster children’s self esteem, creativity, individuality, interaction with others, independence and participation in play activities and routines.  The play activities and routines in the classroom are designed to help children problem solve, share experiences, take turns, ask questions, observe others and their environment, initiate interactions,  and learn from and teach their peers.   Activities and routines are adapted and modified to best fit the needs of all children, so that everyone is engaged, interacting with their peers and adults, and participating independently.

Shared Goals of Community Partnerships

 We at Shelia’s Kiddie Cottage believe that in order to accomplish our mission to help educate and better the lives of Children in the City of New Orleans it takes the entire community to achieve this goal.  That’s why we have been involved with various non-Profit   organizations as well as our own Non profit organization (Educating for a Better Tomorrow) which we are finalizing now.  Here are Some of the Groups that we have had successful partnerships with are, The united Way, Bridge to quality, Department of education Pilot program, The Picard Center Pilot Program, Tulane Mental Health Institute, Kingsley House, Crescent City Schools/ Paul B habens as La4 Off site Partner, Walnut bend Neighborhood Civics Association, Kiwanas, and The Algiers Public Libraries.