Welcome to our great Program! We thank you for choosing Shelia’s Kiddie Cottage, an early learning program that uses a developmentally appropriate approach to teaching young children with and without special needs.  The Program uses child-initiated, child-directed, adult-supported play to encourage children’s thinking, moving, communicating, and social-emotional development.   

We offer a full range of curriculum ideas  that foster your child’s individual growth.

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The goal of Shelia’s Kiddie Cottage is to provide family-centered, culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate early education and support to young children with and without special needs and their families.  We believe that families are children’s primary teachers and that the informational and educational support provided to families is most effective when the central role of families is fully respected.  Our program offers families an opportunity to leave their children in the care of nurturing teachers who provide engaging activities, positive guidance and individualized attention in appropriate settings utilizing best practices in the field of early education. The program allows children to make choices, problem solve and learn at their own individualized pace and style of learning.

                                           PROGRAM SERVICES:

Shelia’s Kiddie Cottage is open from 6:30 AM till 5:30 PM Monday thru Friday for children from 12 months to 5 years of age.as well as before and after

Care st  We have three classrooms including one for toddlers, one PRE-K 3 and one La-4 free four year old class.  We are committed to improving quality of care for children and families and as a star rated center participating in the Louisiana Quality Start program, we follow the recommended ratios and best practices for young children. 


​Every Child Deserves a Bright beginning 


Shelia's Kiddie Cottage